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Nesting mode has definitely appeared much earlier compared to my last pregnancy! Since the Fall/Winter baby clothes aren’t out just yet, I’m shifting gears a bit and focusing on the new house.

We have basic criteria for our new furniture - it must be unique, but also kid-friendly. We purchased this teak root slab coffee table (and matching side table) from Arhaus this past weekend for our living room. It passes both tests! I love that the tabletop looks like an actual piece of tree bark, yet is made out of lacquered teak. It has rounded edges that won’t scratch climbing children and will withstand spills (although I’m going to try to enforce a no food or drink in the living room rule…wish me luck). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any drawers or storage, but I think that may actually be a good thing as it will force me to finish or toss any unread books and magazines!

Now, onto rugs and lighting…

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