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Mr. B and I agreed to zero “life events” in 2012. After job changes and a baby in 2011, we wanted to just maintain and enjoy our lives.  We did just that.  While there were some amazing highlights (I became an aunt, he an uncle; we dined at Next and Element 112; we traveled; drank wine in Napa, celebrated friends’ engagements and weddings, etc.), we were mostly in survival mode trying to find our way as new parents. 

2013, however, is looking a little different.  It will probably be our last year in the city.  A new suburban zip code is in a not so distant future (most likely 2014).  We have danced around this topic for some time now, with conversations that have gone something like this: “Can we raise a child in the city?  Let’s look at some single family homes.  Hmm…where the hell is the yard?  That’s what you get for [insert astronomical price]?  Um, what?  Where is he going to run (he RUNS everywhere)?  Did you just see that homeless man in the alley?  Who cares, we do so much in the city!  I don’t want to find a new hair stylist/doctor/dry cleaner/tailor!  Do you really want to ride the metra (gasp)?! Where are we going to eat there?  Jesus, I can’t wait to get away from these effing hipsters…Wait, do we have to get a dog?  Will Little B even like grass?  Are there good schools?  OMG, look at all of these toys, we need a basement, like yesterday…”

Okay, so these are the frivolous factors that have entered our home search (besides safety, education potential…and proximity to a Neiman Marcus), but you get the point.  It’s a BIG decision.  As such, we’ve spent many weekends in the past few months exploring the Chicago burbs.  We’ve gone down one path and then totally switched gears, tackling an entirely different suburb in a completely different direction. We think we’ve landed on the one we want, now we just need to decide if we buy a home or build one ourselves.  We are leaning towards the latter, which opens up an entirely new can of worms (and means we have to start planning, like, soon). Lot size, location, neighboring homes, busy streets, school districts…it’s exhausting. 

In the meantime, the fun part that has pulled me through the fact that my entire life is going to change is imaging the decor! This site is amazing for kitchen ideas.  You can even take a quiz to find your style and they will send you similar kitchens each week (I’m transitional; Mr. B is traditional.  This building a house thing should go well…).  It’s kind of addicting.  Here are two dining and kitchen tables that I love - one large rectangle with different chairs flanking the ends and the other a round one with nail heads around the perimeter.  I digress…

Pardon me if I melt down or get sentimental about my little Chicago neighborhood in some future posts.  It has served us well.  But it’s time to expand and make new memories in a much bigger space. In the meantime, we are going to make the most out of this year in the city…and attempt to sell our current place.  Easier said than done!

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  1. babytakesmanhattan said: Cool site! We also plan on heading to the burbs in the new year & have been scoping out which burbs! Cultivate looks great, thxs!
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