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Given Friday’s tragic events, it was difficult to get excited about our weekend activities.  But I decided to embrace the “hug your kids a little tighter today” sentiment seen on so many blogs, FB postings, tweets, etc. and do just that, making this weekend a great one.

SAW: We had dinner with friends on Friday at GEB.  Graham Elliot was there poking around the kitchen, so we caught him for a photo op.  Most of the chefs that I have met IRL have been either conceited or unsociable, but not this guy.  He was thrilled to meet his patrons and chat about everything from the food to the awesome music playing (I tried to make some requests, but I think our waiter could tell the wine was talking…)

DID: Saturday was for a birthday party at Kid City (this is a new-to-me spot that I will definitely be going back to with Little B).  Little B did not leave the Thomas the Train table…even for cake and ice cream.  Guess what Santa will now be bringing to one lucky little man? 

Many peppermint mochas were enjoyed later in the afternoon as we watched holiday movies and wrapped the last of our gifts. That definitely helped put us in the Christmas spirit.

CONSUMED: Family brunch with Santa at Medinah CC was so much fun for Little B and his cousin. Legoland, a bouncy castle, face painters, balloon artists and, of course, Santa!  Little B didn’t know where to go first.  He settled on Legoland with a stop at the balloon artist for a dog that he carried around for the next hour or so.  

We finished up the day with Christmas Part One with my in-laws.  Little B loved unwrapping gifts (while I munched on my FIL’s amazing g-free biscotti…so good)!  So much so that he continued to do so with ours underneath our tree when we got home.  We’ll try to save them for another week, but not sure they will last…

As I watched my son unwrap gifts and light up with excitement, I had this horrible looming thought that so many families in Newton would not be able to do the same.  My heart goes out to each and every one of those parents (and to those of the teachers that are true heroes).  Being a parent is an extraordinary role that we are privileged to play.  Having that taken away out of nowhere by a senseless act is despicable, and frankly, inconceivable.  I cuddled Little B as much as possible this past weekend (more so than usual, which is borderline suffocation).  I’m sure you did the same.  We are pulling for you, Newton. 

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