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A healthy Thanksgiving

I know this seems ridiculous (more marshmallows on that sweet potato casserole, yo!), but just hear me out.  While I love the traditions of Thanksgiving (family, food, wine and football), I don’t particularly love feeling stuffed and unable to move from the couch (especially with a mobile toddler) after dinner.  As such, I’ve been researching some healthier festive recipes to accompany that succulent bird.  Here are the winners:

  • Arugula, grape and almond salad: as you know, I would put arugula in my morning oatmeal if I could.  I can’t get enough.  With sweet grapes and crunchy almonds (and a refreshing Chenin Blanc, perhaps?), this appetizing salad comes in around 200 calories. 
  • Roasted delicata squash with quinoa salad: While this one may require a little more work, I like it for several reasons: it’s from Michael Symon (what up, Ohio!), it’s gluten free and it contains arugula.  Next…
  • Apple and onion stuffin’ muffins: This one has a stick of butter, yes, but the stuffing comes in muffin form (i.e. automatic portion control).  
  • Herb roasted turkey with maple gravy: I love all of the quintessential Thanksgiving herbs this dish contains, but adding a maple gravy?  So unexpected.  Kind of like having the main course and dessert at the same time.
  • Beet and apple salad: You knew I couldn’t have a Thanksgiving without beets!

What dishes will you be making on Thanksgiving (healthy or not)?

[Images via Bon Appetit, Food Network and Food and Wine]

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  5. profashional said: last year, i made the oh-she-glows butternut squash and black bean burrito filling and mixed it with a quinoa and black rice salad from epicurious and stuffed it into little squashes. a huge hit!
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