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Sunny Days…Scenes from a Sesame Street-themed birthday weekend!

The Guest List:  Both sets of grandparents, god-parents (sans my bro that couldn’t get away from school), Little B’s playmates, parental friends, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover and Elmo

The Cuisine:  Lots of sugar! Character-themed cupcakes, a large Elmo cake that accidentally lost an eye and Sesame Street snack crackers and cookies (courtesy of Whole Foods.  Little B loves them!)

The Venue:  Little Beans play cafe (with a small “practice” celebration on his actual birthday the day before)

The Attire:  Primary colors, party hats and Sesame Street-adorned whistles as accessories

The Verdict?!  My child loves attention.  More than the average baby; the classic oldest child I suppose (as an example, I got him a microphone a few weeks ago and he dances with it on a daily basis just to make me laugh).  Having said this, I was confident that he could handle all of the attention all weekend (especially during his Happy Birthday song tribute).  I was right.  He loved having all of his friends in one place to play and hang out (even if he did boss them around and point out what they could and could not play with…we need to work on that in year two).  My surprise came when it was time to smash the cake.  He was so neat and polite, picking off small pieces of icing to feed to Mr. B and me!  I’ll take it because I know this won’t be the case next year…bring on the toddler years!

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