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I’m not a huge quotes person, but coupled with the illustrations, these are adorable! I also love that they originated from some of my fav books as I child that I plan to share with B and B (just as soon as Burke wants to read anything besides Thomas the Train books and Blaine stops trying to eat the books as we read…).

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This weekend was all about the kids (as 90% of our weekends are). We took advantage of a warm Saturday and met up with new friends at the park, as well as reunited with some familiar ones. Burke and his old pal, C, hit it off almost immediately, holding hands, playing restaurant and discussing their love of Frozen. I rarely see him so infatuated with a person his age; it was absolutely precious!

On Sunday, we invited some friends over for brunch, including another toddler friend of Burke’s. I had the bright idea to allow 2.5 year olds to color Easter eggs as a fun activity while the adults chatted (and sipped adult beverages). Um, not my best “mom moment.” The dye was everywhere, including Burke’s hands. He was particularly fond of the green dye and looked like the Incredible Hulk until bedtime (that’s how long it took for the dye to disappear after numerous washes). From now on, we are leaving the egg coloring to the Easter bunny…and speaking of bunnies, how adorable is our little bunny in training? Hopefully she’ll share her jelly beans and Cadbury eggs!

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An excuse to eat kale…

I was overly ambitious with the amount of kale I bought this week and didn’t get a chance to eat as much of it as I had hoped. Thus, I tossed it with shrimp, roasted tomatoes, capers, red onion, mushrooms and a basil cream sauce for dinner last night (it tasted much better than it looked) and mixed into a California egg scramble this morning. I took both kids to the doctor for their 2.5 year and 4 month check ups (yes, simultaneously) today and needed all of the good fuel I could get! Now I need to find a way to sneak into Burke’s diet…

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Snap Judgment: Bravo Announces 15 New Shows


And just like that, my day is made. 

Why couldn’t they have come out with these new shows three months ago?! You know, when we were literally snowed in and had nothing to do, but watch hours of Bravo? Bring on the momzillas and British socialites!

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Pretty or practical?

Once again, wedding season is upon us, causing me to scour sites for registries, shower gifts, and of course, attire. Regardless if I’m in the bridal party or not, I actually love weddings! Cocktails, catching up with family and friends, dancing like an idiot - what’s not to love?

I have several showers and weddings on the calendar in the next few months and am in the process of pulling together my “looks” to prevent scrambling at the last minute for something to wear. As you know, I am a firm believer that a clutch can transform an outfit and am in love with these Balenciaga clutches for that reason (Alexander Wang is doing a pretty bang up job there, don’t you think??)! Now to decide - a pastel pop of color or a basic gray or black for a more sleek effect?

[Balenciaga clutches via Barney’s New York]

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