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I feel like I’ve settled nicely into suburban life, however, one major aspect of city living that I gravely miss is the dining experience. Actually planning my outfit (and dining with those that do the same), meeting up with friends and sharing a bottle of wine, small plates and stories is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Last night I did just that at a (relatively) new spot, Fulton Market Kitchen. Once you get past the annoying description as “the intersection of art and cuisine”, and actually focus on the menu, the restaurant has potential. We ordered the entire “medium canvas” which turned out to be quite a bit of food, but it was fun to try a little bit of everything - literally. The Ham and Egg salad (pictured) and the Two Tails (also above), which consisted of crisped pig, glazed lobster melted leeks, artichokes and burgundy sauce were my favs. Don’t bother with the grilled cauliflower (that everyone seems to be adding to their menus lately). While it was a beautiful presentation, it was slightly bland.

The various art installations around the venue would have been a fun diversion, but unfortunately I didn’t go out of my way to learn about any because I too busy catching up! Next time, I will inquire…and maybe work up the courage to try the Goldfish for Two (an entire fried red snapper). Although, with the amount of Goldfish I see on toddler plates everyday, I want to keep anything related of of mine!

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I would say it was a successful Easter, but any 79 degree day filled with chocolate (and hilarious toddlers in sunnies and sweater vests) is going to be good! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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I have to admit, I’ve been geeking out this week putting together the kids’ Easter baskets. Now that Burke is old enough to understand holidays (well, for the most part), building up to and celebrating is so much fun. I’m a sucker for traditions.

A few weeks ago, Burke did a sort of “test run” Easter egg hunt and visit with the Easter bunny at a Spring festival in Arizona. Today’s Easter brunch was the true test. While he wasn’t too keen on the hunt and demanded to be carried around to search for eggs (don’t let that picture fool you…some nice tween gave him that egg), he loved meeting the Easter bunny. Mostly because he was fearful that he wouldn’t get his basket full of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and Nerf guns unless he personally delivered the request.

I think some little guy is going to be very happy tomorrow morning when he wakes up to just that (plus a few books, bubbles and special edition cars) in his basket. I almost can’t wait for him to see the trail of candy-filled eggs that start on the staircase and lead him to the goodies. After all, chocolate and (fake) guns for breakfast should make for a great Easter mass experience…

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Jenna Lyons at the Hollywood Reporter 35 Most Powerful People in Media Celebration.

The ever stylish! I love that she is on trend without being too “trendy” (if that makes sense).


Jenna Lyons at the Hollywood Reporter 35 Most Powerful People in Media Celebration.

The ever stylish! I love that she is on trend without being too “trendy” (if that makes sense).

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I’m not a huge quotes person, but coupled with the illustrations, these are adorable! I also love that they originated from some of my fav books as I child that I plan to share with B and B (just as soon as Burke wants to read anything besides Thomas the Train books and Blaine stops trying to eat the books as we read…).

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This weekend was all about the kids (as 90% of our weekends are). We took advantage of a warm Saturday and met up with new friends at the park, as well as reunited with some familiar ones. Burke and his old pal, C, hit it off almost immediately, holding hands, playing restaurant and discussing their love of Frozen. I rarely see him so infatuated with a person his age; it was absolutely precious!

On Sunday, we invited some friends over for brunch, including another toddler friend of Burke’s. I had the bright idea to allow 2.5 year olds to color Easter eggs as a fun activity while the adults chatted (and sipped adult beverages). Um, not my best “mom moment.” The dye was everywhere, including Burke’s hands. He was particularly fond of the green dye and looked like the Incredible Hulk until bedtime (that’s how long it took for the dye to disappear after numerous washes). From now on, we are leaving the egg coloring to the Easter bunny…and speaking of bunnies, how adorable is our little bunny in training? Hopefully she’ll share her jelly beans and Cadbury eggs!

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